Administrative and Constitutional Law

The Constitution, adopted in 1968, is the supreme law of the Republic of Mauritius. It establishes the separation of powers between the legislative, the executive and the judiciary and guarantees fundamental human rights. Administrative law regulates the institutions of government by ensuring that their powers are within the limits of the law.  For example, the legality of an act or decision by a public body may be challenged by applying for a judicial review to the Supreme Court. Constitutional and Administrative Law guarantee the protection of private rights and individual interests.

At, we will assist you during out-of-court complaints handling procedures and in Court to ensure that your rights under the Constitution are well protected.  

We also provide expert advice to organisations on drafting reports on human rights in relation to different reporting bodies such as the United Nations and the African Union.

What we can do

We will advise and assist you in making:

  • a complaint related to alleged acts of human rights violations committed by a public body or public officer in the exercise of its functions to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) ;
  • a complaint related to conditions of detention in Prisons, Police Detention Centre, Correctional Youth Centre, Rehabilitation Youth Centre and the Brown Sequard Mental Health Care Centre to the National Preventive Mechanism Division (NPMD) of the NHRC;
  • a complaint against alleged acts of police brutality to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC);
  • a complaint related to any alleged acts of discrimination and sexual harassment to the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC);
  • a complaint related to any alleged maladministration that may have been committed by any public officer or authority in the exercise of its administrative functions to the Office of the Ombudsman;
  • a complaint related to the protection and welfare of minor children to the Office of the Ombudsperson for Children;
  • a complaint against financial institutions to the Office of Ombudsperson for Financial Services;
  • a complaint related to alleged acts of medical negligence to the Medical Council;
  • a complaint at other government agencies such as at the Ministry of Social Security and National Solidarity and The Ministry of Health and Quality of Life etc;
  • an application for Judicial Review at the Supreme Court.

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