Administrative & Constitutional

The Constitution, adopted in 1968, is the supreme law of the Republic of Mauritius. It establishes the separation of powers between the legislative, the executive and the judiciary and guarantees fundamental human rights. Administrative law regulates the institutions of government by ensuring that their powers are within the limits of the law. Constitutional and Administrative Law guarantee the protection of private rights and individual interests.

Banking & Finance

With an expanding domestic and global economy, businesses require a wide range of financing products and banking solutions to say on top of their game. At the same time, businesses must ensure that they abide by the intricate legal frameworks that govern local and international transactions. Businesses need to have better risk management, secure investments and manage assets.

Data Protection

Information Technology has taken over the world where billions of people are constantly connected to devices with unlimited processing power and storage capabilities. Our personal data is being shared and stored at unprecedented rates. Businesses are continuously adapting to this rapid digital evolution and are changing and are digitising the models of production, consumption, transportation, delivery and marketing of their products. In so doing, important information is commonly stored by businesses such as personal data of clients and details of transactions. Data protection of those information is increasingly becoming crucial to prevent corruption, fraud and misuse of data.


Employment law regulates the relationship between employer and employee. Amongst other laws and regulations, the recent Workers’ Rights Act, provide a comprehensive legislative framework for the protection of workers. The serious impact of COVID-19 on the work environment and the need for emergency measures to help both employer and employee showed, more than ever, the importance of employment law.

Family & Matrimonial

Family law covers a range of issues such as marriage, divorce, domestic violence, child adoption, custody and access..

Fraud & Financial Crime

Fraud and financial crime in Mauritius include the offences of larceny, swindling, embezzlement, fraud under the Companies Act and the Civil Code, bribery and corruption.


The insurance sector in Mauritius is governed by a number of statutes namely, the Insurance Act 2005, the Financial Services Act 2007, the Civil Code and the Captive Insurance Act 2015. The Financial Services Commission (FSC) is the designated regulator and is empowered to ensure the proper administration of the Insurance Act and the Financial Services Act 2007.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) are creations of the mind that encompasses inventions, designs and artistic works. The protection of those ideas is essential to help businesses and individuals to benefit from their creativity by ensuring that they are not stolen and used by others without the knowledge of the creators. IP law regulates and protects creators by enabling them to gain financial benefit and earn recognition from their creations.

Mediation & ADR

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes such as mediation, conciliation, negotiation and arbitration are fast becoming the preferred way to resolve disputes. ADR offers a faster and, in some cases, a more efficient way of finding effective solutions than opting for the traditional litigation in court.

Planning & Environment

Planning and Environment is an important consideration for any individual and business to have to successfully plan and undertake development works. Getting everything right from the conception of any project will make all the difference.


Property law governs the buying, selling, renting and ownership of property. It impacts both individuals and businesses, covering a wide range of issues such as landlords and tenants’ relationships, transactions between home-buyers and financial institutions, encroachment, succession, division of property (division in kind) and licitation.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury law enables a person who has sustained injury as a result of someone’s negligence to file a civil suit to obtain compensation. Personal injury includes injuries that have been caused as a result of car accidents, accidents at work, medical negligence and slip and fall incidents.

Restructuring & Insolvency

Difficult financial situations require reliable and trustworthy support and solutions. Insolvency is always a stressful state of affairs but is also an opportunity to devise and adopt new strategies to restructure the business to manage repayment of debts. At we use the best holistic strategic approach coupled with logical solutions and work with other professionals such as accountants and creditors to negotiate repayment agreements to avoid insolvency.


Mauritius has a harmonised tax system which is regulated by a comprehensive tax legal framework. Tax issues can cause unnecessary hindrance which is time consuming for both individuals and businesses to deal with.


Technology is no longer the future, it is the present. It is undeniable that technology is shaping every aspect of society and businesses. For instance, technology is playing a pivotal role in responding to the lifestyle changes triggered by Covid-19 by ensuring that goods and services continue to remain accessible. The presence and importance of technology in our lives is more than ever visible and tangible.