Commercial Law

Commercial law is at the heart of a smooth-running business. In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, it is essential that commercial transactions are meticulously documented. Well drafted deals are key to ensure that all issues are dealt with at the very beginning, avoiding future problems.

Coupled with an astute understanding of the law and knowledge of the commercial context, our lawyers at provide advice to businesses, across a broad number of sectors, to make informed choices in their best interests. We draft and assess any form of commercial contract.

What we can do

We provide assistance to our clients, in inter alia:

  • breach of contract (e.g., non-payment of goods and/or services, failure to deliver goods and/or services, failure to abide by terms and conditions of a contract, etc.);
  • drafting of commercial leases, management lease contract, intra-group agreements and contracts regulating complex transactions;
  • dispute resolution through court procedure, mediation and arbitration.

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