From formation and ownership to operation and management, business transactions need to be properly structured to minimise risk and maximise profit. The right legal advice on current trends, legislative and regulatory development will further help businesses in their expansion.

Our lawyers at will team up with your accountants and financial advisors to provide the appropriate solution to your businesses.

What we can do

We will act as your in-house lawyer and provide advice and assistance to businesses from start-ups to big corporations on, inter alia: 

  • incorporation of your company;  
  • Drafting of company’s constitution;
  • powers, duties and liability of directors; 
  • rights and liabilities of shareholders
  • minority rights 
  • derivation actions; 
  • personal actions by shareholders; 
  • amalgamations; 
  • compromises with creditors; 
  • removal from register of companies; 
  • articles of association; 
  • board meetings and secretarial matters; 
  • public listing or delisting of companies; 
  • drafting of commercial leases, management lease contract and contracts regulating complex transactions; 
  • mergers and acquisitions; 
  • dispute resolution through court procedure, mediation and arbitration; 
  • restructuring of corporate entities;  
  • due diligence reports. 

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