Our lawyers at Chambers believe in providing a high-quality assistance to all our clients by dealing with your case expeditiously. Irrespective of the legal issue at stake, we always maintain a professional, friendly, and non-judgemental approach to make sure that your constitutional rights are being respected and that you are being given the right assistance within the realms of the law.                                               

You wish to make a statement at the police station, Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), Police Family Protection Unit (PFPU) and Child Development Unit (CDU), contact us and we will assist you.

In case you are charged or arrested by the police, you must immediately contact a lawyer which is your constitutional right, before making any statement to the police.

Our lawyers at Chambers will assist you at police station interviews through proceedings at the District Courts, Intermediate Court and Supreme Court.

Depending on your specific needs contact us today for immediate assistance.

What we can do

Our lawyers will assist you: 

  • during police enquiries; 
  • during enquiries conducted by the Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC); 
  • in applying for bail and conduct bail hearings; 
  • in cases before the District Courts, Intermediate Court and Supreme Court;
  • in making a statement to the Police, ICAC, PFPU and CDU.