Insurance Law

The insurance sector in Mauritius is governed by a number of statutes namely, the Insurance Act 2005, the Financial Services Act 2007, the Civil Code and the Captive Insurance Act 2015. The Financial Services Commission (FSC) is the designated regulator and is empowered to ensure the proper administration of the Insurance Act and the Financial Services Act 2007.

In Mauritius, the insurance sector is divided into two main categories namely long-term insurance and general insurance. Both types of insurance include, amongst others, life assurance, pension, health insurance, professional liability and accident etc.

Insurance law and regulations affect both insurers and policyholders and give rise to important issues to resolve. With the wide range of available insurance covers, both sides would require lawyers who can provide expert advice on all legal and regulatory issues.

What we can do

Our lawyers at Chambers provide assistance and advice in relation to:

  • all types of insurance disputes for both insurers and policyholders;
  • the drafting of policies to ensure their legal accuracy and avoid loopholes;
  • claims in court;
  • negotiations and out-of-court settlement.

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