Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property (IP) are creations of the mind that encompasses inventions, designs and artistic works. The protection of those ideas is essential to help businesses and individuals to benefit from their creativity by ensuring that they are not used by others without the knowledge of the creators. IP law regulates and protects creators by enabling them to gain financial benefit and earn recognition from their creations.

In Mauritius, the legislative framework, comprising of the Patents, Industrial Designs and Trademarks Act 2002 and the Protection Against Unfair Practices (Industrial Property Rights) Act 2002, recognises three types of IP rights namely Patents, Industrial Designs and Trademarks.

Mauritius is a member of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and is party to: The Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property (since 24 September 1976) and the Berne Convention for the Protection of Artistic and Literary Works (since 10 May 1989). Mauritius is also signatory to the Trade Related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS).

The Industrial Property Office (IPO) operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade is responsible for the registration of trademarks and industrial designs and the granting of patents.

At Chambers, we have at heart the interest of creators and believe that compliance with IP law and regulations is crucial to foster creativity.

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We provide assistance and advice our clients in:

  • applying for patents, trademarks and industrial designs;
  • any disputes on patents, trademarks and industrial designs; and
  • designing courses and training on current IP laws and regulations.

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